Jeannette Angell

Novelist | Playwright | Short Story Writer | Poet
June 20th, 2012 by Rich

Jeannette Angell

Jeannette Angell is a novelist, playwright, short story writer and poet. She is a member of the National Writer’s Union, the Author’s Guild, and the Dramatists’ Guild. Jeannette is a founding member of the prestigious Commercial Street Writers Workshop.


The Crown and the Kingdom

Few historical novels tackle a time of such horror as early 14th century France, or show us the acts of kings and queens as effectively as this book does, and yet there’s plenty of time for romance as well as death and destruction. — Carter Jefferson

Crown and the Kingdom new cover

It was a time to play with power, to determine who should rule the world: king, pope, or wizard. It was a time for princesses to fall in love rashly and to marry wisely, and for fortunes to be made and reputations to be ruined.

It was 1300.

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