Jeannette Angell

Novelist | Playwright | Short Story Writer | Poet


They ask so many questions about it. How did you start? What’s it really like? What kind of people use the service? What kind of girls work for it?

People want to talk about it, they ask the same questions over and over, they can’t get enough information. It’s like getting a glimpse into a semi-forbidden world, a world caricatured by pornography and attacked by conservatives and speculated about by just about everybody.

Are you one of the curious, the inquiring minds who want to know – what we think, how we feel, who we are?

Then welcome to my world.

Callgirl was written because the author had heard “one hooker joke too many” and felt a need to speak up on behalf of all those who are not defined by the offensive stereotypes held by many. It is meant to challenge the prejudices and assumptions that people make about the sex industry in general, and sex workers in particular. Callgirl provides a window on a world known by few, introducing the reader to some of the people who live in that world, offering a tour of the best and worst parts of the author’s experience, and offering suggestions for how to make that world safer for all. “Just read the book,” urges the author. “If you feel the same about prostitution when you’ve finished, fine: but I hope that you will not.

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Foreign Rights

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