Jeannette Angell

Novelist | Playwright | Short Story Writer | Poet



The company founded during the novel Wings is developing and doing well, but in the meantime Europe is in flames, invaded by fascism and filled with despair. A young chateleine joins the Resistance in France, and passes on to those around her a legacy more valuable than all the beauty that fills her chateau near Angers. Flight is also the story of her half-sister, Caroline, who leaves a comfortable life among the mansions of Newport to help ferry airplanes in England during the Second World War. And as time passes and the once-small airplane company begins to expand its business, there is a secret lurking inside its corporate offices that is about to explode…

Flight was published in 1989 by Lynx Books.

Back Cover Copy

Born To Fly…

Wife, mother, heiress to a vast fortune — lovely Caroline Asheford had everything a young woman could possibly desire. But her marriage was falling apart, and her every move was monitored by the officials of A.R.M., the aeronautics empire she would one day inherit. Only when she was soaring high above the clouds in one of A.R.M.’s planes could she escape the strictures imposed upon her by hidebound society.

The advent of World War Two changed everything, reuniting Caroline with Andrew Starkey, the man she had once loved — and heir to A.R.M.’s arch-rival, Johnson Industries. Courageous and defiant, Caroline abandoned the comfortable, predictable life of a Newport socialite, becoming a pilot for Britain’s Air Transport Authority, while Andrew joined the R.A.F. Together they braved the dangers of tempestuous skies as the conflagration spread rapidly across Europe.

It seemed that Caroline had fulfilled her destiny at last. But her freedom from A.R.M.’s control was to be short-lived, for the company, an international giant whose profits were increasing with each bloody battle, was preparing for a confrontation that could shatter her dreams forever…