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The Crown and the Kingdom Reviews

Crown and the Kingdom new cover

Carter Jefferson — Few historical novels tackle a time of such horror as early 14th century France, or show us the acts of kings and queens as effectively as this book does, and yet there’s plenty of time for romance as well as death and destruction.

Philippe le Bel appears to have had one aim, and only one: to force every part of the independent lands of people who spoke French into the Kingdom of France. His “advisors” were in effect his henchmen, prepared to commit any atrocity to achieve his aims. Noble princes and princesses he bent to his will…


Maria T. Nazos — Anybody who revels in exquisitely-wrought historical fiction should read this e-book. Angell is a writer with an innate gift of storytelling; she employs her barometric intuition, knowing when to move the story forward…


C. Bennett — The year is 1301 and King Philippe the Fair is on the throne of a deeply divided France. His beloved queen is Queen Jeanne, a marriage of hearts and politics. Their trio of sons and Princess Isabelle assures the succession of his reign, so Philippe turns to the meddling pope’s mad rants to unite his nation. Philippe wonders if the people will come together as one body, one France, in the inauguration of the Estates General.

Marguerite of Burgundy is approaching 13 and dreams of castles, crowns and gowns. When she is betrothed to the hunch-backed, pock-marked, sour Prince Louis, she fears her dreams of romance and glamour are over. Her marriage will bring Burgundy…


1watersprite — This is a must read for all Francophiles. Through the stories of three young women, we witness the rise of Phillipe le Bel, France’s ruthless…