Jeannette Angell

Novelist | Playwright | Short Story Writer | Poet



Shortly before World War I, some friends living outside of Angers, France, formed a company that would make some of the first-ever airplanes. The excitement of those early days, when flying meant risking everything, carried them through the glitter and champagne of the Jazz Age, the devastation of the war, and the building of the century. An American woman daredevil took on flying and made a name for herself as a pilot before women were allowed to vote. And a rich young heiress found things that were more important to her than money. Exciting and captivating, making history alive and real and vibrant, this book was Lynx’ best-selling novel.

Wings was published in 1988 by Lynx Books.

Back Cover Copy

Sarah Martin was daring and beautiful, a California-born adventuress whose natural element was the sky. Her thrilling exploits captured the imagination of the world — and the attention of the young, rough-hewn genius, Eric Beaumont. With the help of Count Philippe de Montclair, Beaumont founded Aeroméchanique, a dynamic new company that embodied the dream they all shared…to build aircraft, to conquer the sky, to make fortunes — and history.

Together they discovered the pleasure and peril in that dream — in the gathering clouds of The Great War…the grim reality of Europe in flames…the champagne dazzle of the Jazz Age…and the end-of-the-party crash of 1929. In their passions and ambitions, triumphs and tragedies, they mirrored the turbulent age in which they lived, an age that freed them from the earthbound past to challenge uncharted skies.